CB Station

CB Station is an eco-friendly canvas bag company. From makeup bags to beach totes, their products are made using high quality, naturally water resistant canvas. This material makes for a sturdy bag, which is just what their customers want – sturdy products delivered in a timeless fashion staple, such as canvas. Their website design was inspired by the resources the company uses in its products. Their logo resembles the tags they include on their bag, so a natural canvas background with blue accents made their product come to life as an exemplary extension of their brand. Although their website appears to be simplistic, don't be fooled - it was built using Magento, a very strong eCommerce platform. Their online catalog and shopping cart are password protected, and remain hidden from those who aren't wholesale customers.


CB Station creates high-quality canvas bags that integrate both innovative designs and an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing that has helped them to become a leader in their field. The natural water-resistant quality of canvas makes their products perfect for year-round use, while their unique and custom design pieces (including monograms) give customers the power to make their bags one-of-a-kind art pieces. CB Station approached us to help them redesign their website to improve customer experience while enforcing their branding.


Before we could get into the nuts and bolts behind the scenes, we realized the immediate need for a redesign. In order to accommodate this immediate need, we compressed the project timeline and took an iterative, agile approach to discovery, design, and development.

One of our more prominent challenges was ensuring that the customer experience and path-to-purchase was streamlined, while the look of the site itself maintained a clean and easy-to-use UI (user interface). We relied on lessons learned from previous eCommerce projects, as well as user personas we developed around CB Station customers.

Based on our research and expertise, we decided to simplify the shopping category navigation system. We added an autosuggestion feature to the search capabilities. We designed an innovative homepage. We created a unique and effective way to show sales prices so that consumers were made away without feeling overwhelmed. We were meticulous in developing and perfecting the client’s required monogram feature, so that customers could easily add their monogram effects and place their order. In the end, we were successful in condensing the entire checkout process into a series of simple steps designed to encourage conversions.

All of these decisions mesh fluidly with the overall design direction, which incorporates edge-to-edge imagery on select pages, and a non-traditional left-hand navigation (which collapses on tablets and mobile devices).

With the redesign complete, we then embarked on integrating Magento Community (namely Thub and Quickbook integration). The success of this integration has helped pave the way for future opportunities with other eCommerce-based solutions.


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CB Station

CB Station


Since the redesign of CBStation.com, the site has delivered on its promise of providing a rewarding shopping experience that falls in line with the brand’s celebrated history and designs. Commerce Pundit continues to work with CB Station on providing new features and customizations to keep their site updated and maintained.